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Why do my ears need cleaning?

The ear canal is narrow and curved and can easily become blocked with ear wax, dead skin and sometimes an infection. With infection the skin that lines the ear canal often becomes swollen and sore. A bad blockage could severely dull the hearing.

Everyone makes ear wax and this is normal and healthy, although some people make more than others. Glands inside the outer ear canal produce it. Tiny hairs lining the ear canal remove the ear wax very slowly so that when you clean your ears you are removing wax that has moved far from where it started.

The solution
Clean away all material blocking the ear canal

The benefits
Cleaning out the ear canal will make it easier to treat any infection. Deafness due to the blockage will be corrected and will allow us to examine your eardrum in detail. Also, when the ear canal is full of debris repeated courses of antibiotics are unlikely to clear an infection. Who should have it done? People who have ear canals blocked with debris, infection or ear wax should have a suction clearance.


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